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Reaching for the sky

Strange as it may sound, this project began with a photographer who was figuring out his own style! At first, it was definitely not about science and an engineer curiosity as you may think; it was all about taking the best and most stunning photography. Fortunately, the photographer was also a computer engineer and, well, you can imagine the rest..

Our Experience



Learning to fly



It takes half your life before you discover life is a Do-It-Yourself project

If you want to make your own weather balloon, check out our DIY section! There you can find a step-by-step guide that includes the materials we used (and why we chose them), the procedure to build and design the payload, how to do the tracking and much more!


In this post you can see how we designed and built the payload.

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Radio, Antenna & GPS

Here you will find information of all the devices you need for the tracking and how to use them. We will also show you how we configured the radio transmitter and built a receiver.

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Sky-Quest App

Check out the details of the app we used for tracking.

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We all have stories to tell

This project was an amazing adventure, and we couldn’t keep it only to ourselves! That’s why we made this section. You will find a recollection of all kinds of anecdotes from the team during the project!